CAM & the Garnier Building

425 N. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (entrance is on Sanchez Street)

Audio: Listen to an interview by Suellen Cheng, El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument about the Garnier Building.

The Garnier Building, built in 1890, served the growing Chinese American community in Los Angeles; it became the political center of Chinatown. On street level, businesses like Sun Wing Wo served the community.  Located above were offices to social services and residential units.

The building is the last standing building of Historic Chinatown and is now home to the Chinese American Museum (CAM), a symbol for the Chinese who started their legacy in Los Angeles. The 7,200 sq. ft. museum embodies both a cultural and physical link to the past and a promising point of entry for the city’s multicultural future.

Rice Bowls in the 'Journeys' Exhibit

Entrance of CAM on Sanchez Street

Sun Wing Wo General Store